You come across the word “Healthy” all the time. You might even be one of the persons who constantly tries to stay healthy and gets enormous amounts of stress in the process. Everyone deals with diseases, illness and other health issues at some point of time in their lives. I haven’t heard of a single person who might not be sick even once in their life! (let me know if you know any such person).

You cannot entirely avoid every single disease, outbreak or seasonal health issues. But what you can do is be smart and be aware of the diseases and how to prevent them as well as know when to stop searching the internet for home remedies and rush to a doctor!

What is more stressful is that stressing over the health issues and getting sick all the time stresses your mind (lot of stress in there you see!). You cannot live in fear constantly, dreading over reading the newspaper every morning, finding new terrifying diseases and wondering whether you will be next to be reported sick!

You have to be in charge of your own health. Practice healthy living habits and keep yourself updated about prevention and treatment of the diseases. If you do that and find your self healthier with a proper diet, right exercise and healthier lifestyle overall, you will be greatly able to improve your mental health as well.

If you are healthy, you will be more energetic, happy and productive. Your mind will be stress free and you will look forward to a better, richer and more fulfilling life.

I have been sick constantly in my life from the day I was born (underweight and very small) with little hopes of survival. I have constantly been sick with some flu or diarrhoea or to major issues like appendicitis, gall bladder complications and severe and chronic backache.

So I tried to develop a better attitude towards life and taking care of my body (believe me, I am still in the process!),

I try to keep myself healthy with a proper diet for myself and my family as well as some activity incorporated into our daily routine. And I also keep myself updated about diseases, their prevention and some home remedies as well.

This is my journey in being fit and healthy and I also believe in sharing whatever knowledge I gain with people like me who might be  trying to know basic facts about common and uncommon health issues, diets and exercises that will help improve their lifestyle.

Feel free to share your views and opinions about the posts you read and I would certainly answer any and all questions.

You can also email and share opinions, ideas and anything else that you may feel like!

Don’t be a stranger- lets know each other and help each other out in the quest to have a happy and healthy body and mind.

Header Image Credits: Awesome photographer friend Sabyasachi Jana


4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. SuHere4u says:

    Thanks…I am just starting out and it has been less than a month blogging!!!
    I am thrilled to get my first comment from you!
    I will keep writing and keep visiting your blog too.
    Happy Blogging!!!


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