Your Happy Mind

Imagine, one morning when you wake up, you find yourself at your favourite place; there is your favourite book (or magazine, or newspaper or anything you like) on the side table and you senses are filled with the aroma of your absolute favourite breakfast which is lying on the table. And oh, a cup of coffee, or maybe tea!

You don’t have any appointments, meetings, children screaming or babies wailing, dogs pulling you off your bed so that you would attend to them; no one to disturb you from enjoying the day’s start. you would be at peace; your mind happy and your day after that would be highly productive. You would have more energy, be more positive and even be able to manage your time well.

The above situation is highly unlikely (unless you think of taking a solo trip to your favourite place!), but what I want to emphasize is  the state of mind it would put you in. If the idea sounds good and you know you would be relaxed, then you need to actually start finding some time for yourself in a whole big day.

It may be an hour a day,  a day in a week, or at least a few minutes each day. Try to find time and do something that will make you happy and uplift your soul.

This can vary from person to person. One person might find pleasure in immersing in a good book while some other might want to spend time exercising and getting fit, while still another person might sing, or dance or paint to connect with the inner self and give some happiness to the mind.

When we were younger, we used to do things that pleased us and had lots of time to do so. But as we grow up and take over responsibilities and get busy with our everyday routine, we forget the importance of doing what we love and find pleasure and satisfaction in.

For me, it is a good book. I love reading and derive immense pleasure drowning in some novel. I also love writing and singing (singing only when no one is around and at the top of my voice!).

I am sure everyone has a particular hobby or pastime that brings them pleasure and helps them relax and rejuvenate. What is it for you that gets you to forget everything temporarily and live for yourself? Do share your passions and hobbies.


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