Diabetes – Already Know Diabetes or Heading to Meet it Soon?

High Blood Sugar

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What Is Diabetes?

You know the disease diabetes may be because you suffer from it or may have seen a loved one suffer. Do you think it is a deadly disease or just another chronic condition one has to deal with everyday?

The answer lies in the way you are able to manage diabetes. It can be a life threatening disease if you do not adhere to what your doctor says and change your lifestyle including diet and exercise.

Diabetes can lead to a number of other serious health complications like kidney failure, hypertension, obesity, stroke, heart problems, blindness, neuropathy, and even amputation.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the cells of the body are unable to absorb glucose due to the unavailability of a hormone called insulin or the insensitivity of he cells towards it.

If you need some idea about the chronic condition of diabetes  and assess if you or your loved one is at risk then read on.

Types Of Diabetes

There are three types of diabetes- Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is the condition in which the body is unable to produce insulin. It  usually  starts in childhood and is also known as juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is the condition when the body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin when the cells become insulin resistant.

Gestational diabetes is the condition which occurs during pregnancy and usually goes away after childbirth. But the people having this condition are at a higher risk to develop Type 2 diabetes later on.

Do You have these Signs and Symptoms

  • You need to pee several times a day and frequently.
  • You are tired all the time
  • You feel more thirsty
  • You feel more hungry
  • You have a tingling sensation on your hands and feet or sometimes  feel numbness also.
  • You tend to lose weight
  • You have blurred vision
  • You have dry and itchy skin and mouth

These above signs might also relate individually to some other conditions but you need to be watchful of them altogether.

The symptoms in Type 2 are harder to notice and people don’t find out till the time they have acquired the disease. Whereas Type 1 disease occurs quickly, in a matter of days or weeks.

What Causes Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is caused because your body is unable to produce insulin. Your immune system considers your cells in the pancreas as outsiders or enemies and fights to destroy them. When the cells producing insulin are dying, who will produce insulin for you to absorb all the glucose you have in your blood? So your blood sugar level rises.

Type 2 diabetes is caused because your body has had to deal with so much sugar that it no longer is able to absorb  it without large amounts of insulin! Your body cells become resistant to the less amount of insulin produced by you.

Yes, you can blame Type 2 diabetes on your unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

How can You Improve Your condition?

If you already are a diabetic and you are overwhelmed by the amount of news you read and listen about the condition, fear not! You can very well manage your condition to live a better and longer life just like many other who have resorted to lifestyle changes that have brought their blood sugar levels under control.

If you are lucky enough to be diagnosed in a pre-diabetic state, then you have even a better chance to help your body deal with it and even get normal blood sugar levels.

If you don’t suffer from the condition but are still reading as you want to help a loved one, you might need to watch out yourself as it might run  in families and you can be at risk.

Regular exercise, even mild to moderate as well as a well balanced diet is the key to help your diabetic body.

10 Things you should do if you have diabetes

  1. You might not have the time for an hour-long exercise session everyday, but you can spare 30 minutes a day to take a walk around the block or in the park to feel refreshed and give your body some activity.Swimming, biking and dancing as well as milder forms of exercise like yoga can help you get the exercise you need.
  2. Diet plays a very essential part here. So, learn to say no – to yourself and to others who insist on any little amount of sugar or white carb. As your body is not able to efficiently utilise glucose, so you must steer clear of the sugary and carb filled diets.
  3. You should include lots of vegetables, whole grains like brown rice in your diet. Eat lots of fibre as it is known to lower insulin sensitivity. And lean protein should be a part of your diet.
  4. You should always keep snacks handy (may be divide small portions of snacks and put 2 or 3 portions in your handbag) so that you don’t let your blood sugar levels drop.
  5. Don’t forget to drink lots of water as you lose water due to frequent urination (besides it will help your skin glow too!).
  6. Regularly check your blood sugar levels, you might want to buy one of the blood glucose meters easily available.
  7. Check up regularly with your doctor and inform him of your test reports.
  8. Be very attentive towards your feet as the nerves might be affected.
  9. Try not to injure yourself as Diabetes delays wound healing and in severe cases might lead to ulcers that might need amputation of parts of your body (it can be that bad if you don’t take care of yourself).
  10. Don’t be discouraged if people constantly ask you why you have diabetes or even suggest you stop eating sugars (tell them your doctor already said so!). Inform that you are the same person you were before, a mom or a wife or a friend or colleague (same goes for men – a father, a husband or a friend or colleague) and not to be labelled a diabetic.

Motivate Yourself

You might have been living with diabetes for many years and able to manage it well or you might just have found out that you are suffering from it. You have to deal with it intelligently.We humans are born with a great mind that can be programmed to do as our will say.

If you have the will to rise above it and not let the disease dominate your happy life then you must follow an improved lifestyle.

You can walk as you were designed to walk, this will help you with your diabetes.

We can eat natural and healthy food instead of artificial and sugary and processed food as that is how nature made food for us – natural and healthy.

Pay attention to these small but impactful points and you are sure to conquer the disease called diabetes.

How do you manage your Diabetes? Feel free to share your story.


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