10 Things to do to Keep Your Mind Happy

Happy Mind

The benefits of a happy mind are extensive. It affects all aspects of your life such as your family life, your social life, your work life, your health as well as your all other aspects of your life.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to feel happy and relaxed? It can vary from person to person.

You might find happiness in small things like  your favourite food, listening to your favourite music, even the smile on the face of your child can bring happiness.

I will list ten things to do to keep your mind happy and healthy and you can add your own to that.

10 Things to Do to Keep Your Mind Happy

  1. Eat Right:

The first step to your healthy and happy mind and body is eating well. If you eat a healthy diet and provide the right nutrients for your body, then your mind will thank you as well.

You have to let go off the easy to grab unhealthy food and steer yourself towards more natural and healthy diet. You also need to drink lots of water to improve your metabolism and keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Sleep Tight:

Just like your computer needs to restart to install important updates, your body needs to rest so your mind can process all the important stuff and be ready for action again the next day. You need atleast 6-8 hours of sleep everyday to feel refreshed and active.

If you are compromising on that then beware that you are heading towards many diseases as well as harbouring a less productive mind.

  1. Exercise:

Any activity that makes you sweat (that is, spend energy) can be termed as exercise. You can spend as less as 25 minutes a day or as much as an hour to get some much needed exercise.

You may not have access to a gym or maybe you don’t have that much time to spare for gym training. So what? You can walk or jog outdoors, swim if you like it, bike or even practice some form of dance if you love doing that.

When you exercise the feel-good hormones called endorphins are releases that make you happy. Again when your body is fit and in good health, your mind is bound to be happy.

  1. Hobby Time:

Everyone has some hobby which makes the time fly away without notice. Even if you don’t practice the thing you loved to do doesn’t mean that you don’t have a hobby. Maybe you just skipped doing it because of your busy lifestyle.

People have different types of hobbies, and sometimes more than one. Reading books, writing, painting, listening to music, dancing, cooking, gardening, and the list can go on.

You can add your own to the list. But finding out some time each week to do the thing you love would make your mind happy and make you more productive. So, if you have not yet started, it’s time to find a new hobby and making yourself happy.

  1. Socialize:

Man is a social animal. This we have read in school. We have evolved to live in groups, communities, states and countries. Even in the social networking sites we have groups of like-minded people. When we get together with our group, we care, share and, learn. This helps us to be a better and knowledgeable person.

It is important that you socialize, speak and share your thoughts and feelings and let your mind grow. So, now it’s time you pick up your phone and call that old friend of yours you have not called in months and catch up. You will be happy in no time!

  1. See places:

This is something interesting that you can do to make yourself happy. Our mind is a curious being. It always tries to seek out new things. If you take regular trips and visit new places you will be amazed to see new and beautiful things that you missed till now.

You can meet new people, make new friends, see new places and enjoy new cuisines. You can’t be happier than that!

  1. Love Yourself:

You are the way God created you and you don’t need to be like anyone else. Love and respect yourself and then you can love others. If you won’t respect yourself, then no one will do the same. So, you must learn to admire yourself.

You can try writing down your positive qualities and saying something good to yourself everyday. You will be happy no matter what the situation is if you develop self-love and a positive attitude.

  1. Introspection Time:

Take out some time everyday to analyse your actions and focusing on how to improve. If you self-aware, you can find what you can do to improve rather than get sucked in a bad situation.

People who are introspective are more aware of their own actions and know how to deal with situations- good or bad.

  1. Exercise Your Mind:

    Mind (or brain) is a muscle just like your other muscles in the body. You need to exercise the mind to make it more active and alert.  You can try solving puzzles, Sudoku or even solving simple maths in your mind. This will give your mind a good exercise and make it more productive.

  2. Show that You Care

Last but not the least point is caring. You have loved ones in your life but you are too busy to show them that you care. If you put little effort into showing that you care, it will only help you as you will get back as much.

You don’t need to buy expensive gifts to show your care. Do small but impactful things that would affect your loved ones in a positive way. Charity begins at home –must have heard of it. Start helping out your family in small ways.

When you start at your home, you can gradually proceed towards your community. See how much love and care you get back. It will give you immense satisfaction and peace of mind.

These are the ten things that I put forward to make the mind happy. I am sure the list can increase and would be never-ending!

You can either follow the list or sit down with a pen and paper to make your own list. Start following the list and tell me if it doesn’t make you happy.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to be happy? I would love to know your ideas. Happy Living!


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