Why You should Cook Your Own Food


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The world is changing.. All things are getting easier. We don’t have to get off the sofa nowadays to switch on the Television, or the air conditioner or basically anything with a switch! And add to that – you can control all your devices from your mobile phone! How convenient is that!

Lets get to the Kitchen. You have everything pre-cooked, frozen, stored in the fridge for a week (or maybe more) . You don’t have to think of cooking a meal everyday. You have other things to take care of. More important stuff that you absolutely can’t miss.

What about the nutritional value? Well, you surely must have checked all the labels and made all calculations about the number of calories and the amount of protein, vitamin and mineral each packaged food contains. So, you are certain you covered everything. You have a good nutritious meal waiting for the next few days in the fridge each time you or your family wants one. Isn’t that right?

Sorry, but no! That’s not all you should be bothered about.

Fact Check

I know everyone is busy and has got a helluva lot of work to finish each day. You can’t spend another hour or more in the kitchen to cook a meal! But you don’t understand one thing. We started working in the first place so that we could get food to eat.

Man hunted, then planted trees and then started to organize life into a civilized society. The basis of everything is getting food into the mouth without struggling for it every day.

And we are forgetting the simple yet basic comfort of food. We just do it like another chore.

There are many benefits of cooking your own meal. People are gradually realizing this and getting back to home cooked meal prepared from scratch. If you haven’t done that yet here I put forward 10 reasons why you should start cooking –

10 Reasons for Why You should Cook Your Meals From Scratch:

  1. They are Cheaper:

This is the first point I brought out in order to get your attention. Do you realize how much you spend in buying pre-prepared meals or even opting for a take-out? Dinners outside are fine occasionally but not always. They will add up to a lot. Do you know how much lesser the ingredients for a meal would cost?

If you can’t guess, let me tell you that you can buy a really good gift for your spouse if you end up saving that much. Yes, that much less! Try it for yourself for a month and find out.

  1. They are Healthier:

Store-bought, pre-prepared food contain measured amount of nutrients, true. But nothing compares to the fresh food that is prepared at home. It is healthy in every sense.

It is fresh, so has a greater shelf-life. Ready to eat food have lesser shelf-life as they are prepared days ahead. Same also goes for restaurants. The food available there also has a limited shelf-life, often much smaller than what you would get from your home-made food.

  1. They are preservative-free:

Do you ever wonder why those packaged food are safe to eat for a long period of time? That is because they are loaded with preservatives. Without them, the food won’t last longer.

 So you can imagine how much chemicals you are putting into your body by choosing them instead of a fresh home cooked meal.

  1. They help exercise your Brain:

When you cook everyday, or maybe, every alternate day, you rack your mind for options and ideas. You want to do something different each day. Your mind starts building connections, trying to solve riddles of which food can go with what and how can you make it fast and good and healthy.

This is a good exercise for your mind. As I had mentioned in my post 10 things to do to make your mind Happy that you need to get your mind exercised just like your body, you can practice it this way.

  1. They help You Bond:

You may not have thought about this but cooking can really does help you bond. You can team up with your spouse, partner or even your child to cook a meal. This will give you so much time for each other.

If you get your child to help you with the cooking, you can teach him /her about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You can teach them the importance of healthy eating.

If your child is a fussy eater, you can help them prepare something on their own and watch them eat away without any more trouble!

  1. They help You get stress-free:

There is so much involvement and creativity in the process of preparing a meal that you sort of forget your stress and problems for a while. Once you get the hang of cooking, you will start enjoying the process.

You get immense satisfaction and pleasure from this activity and it helps you de-stress. And if you involve your loved one in this, you double de-stress!

  1. You can choose Your own ingredients:

 When you prepare your own mean, you don’t have to constantly worry about what is inside your food that might not go well with your body! You can choose your own ingredients. You can moderate the usage of those things to your liking.

People have developed many food allergies. When you eat out or buy some pre-prepared food, you have to consider carefully whether it contains stuff that can be allergic for you. When you cook your meal, you can simply not buy or use anything that you are allergic to and enjoy your meal.

 8.  You can get used to some Compliments:

 When you cook meals, you want to share them with others. You may share it with your family or host many meals for your friends. You will grow a fan following and will get compliments for your efforts.

What’s more is that you will only improve your cooking over time and get loads of compliments from everyone!


  1. You become more Resourceful:

 When you cook your meals, you will need to plan out menu and create lists for your grocery shopping. You will learn how to manage your groceries so that it can last longer.

 You will be able to create a dish out of the minimum ingredients you have at hand instead of depending on outside food. You will be self-sufficient and resourceful this way.

  1. You make new friends:

When you learn the art of cooking and become a host to your friends and relatives, you might as well get new friends when the word spreads about your awesome cooking.

There are a lot of people who cook for themselves. You can connect with other people who cook and build a network of new friends.

Now that you know how awesome it can be to cook for yourself (as well as for others), its time you try your hands at it (that is, if you haven’t!).

You don’t have to be the greatest cook at the first try. You will learn gradually. The most important point you should keep in mind is that you are in charge of your own health once you start cooking for yourself.

You can now be sure that you will survive without depending on the take-outs, the pizzas, pastas, and Chinese or other stuff for which you were a regular. You will learn to better manage your time and money.

So, it’s time to go grocery shopping and dish out something to get a compliment!

I cook everyday and ensure that my family gets to eat fresh, healthy and delicious (ok, maybe not delicious every time, but mostly) food.

I would love to hear back from you about your favorite food and if you have tries to cook that yourself.

Happy cooking!!!


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