What I learnt from my Child Today

Lesson from my  Kid

Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici]
at http://freedigitalphotos.net/

Something very interesting and funny happened today. But it taught me an important lesson. So I thought I would share this with you.

It was a rainy evening today. Rain was sudden and intermittent. So, I didn’t take my 3 year old son out to the park or to ride his bicycle today. He was really bored and was just trying to think of some mischief!

I kept myself occupied with my writing while he played with his vehicles. While I took a break and started talking to my mom over the phone, I found him staring at a crow sitting in the balcony.

He first tried to scare the crow off. Then he started speaking to it. I heard him say, “It is raining outside crow. Take an umbrella before you leave. I’ll get you an umbrella!”

While I was amused at his conversation with the crow and narrated it to my mother with a hearty laugh, my mother pointed out that he is right. We carry umbrella while we go out in the rain! He is just concerned!

I sit down quietly tonight and ponder over my son’s short conversation. Is it because he wanted to talk to someone? Do I not give him enough attention?

But then I get it. We tell our kids to be helpful and tell them stories about it. We don’t tell them to be specific to certain people. My son doesn’t consider the crow to be someone who can’t understand his language. He just considers it another living being who is in a difficult situation!

How innocent kids are! And how correct they are!! My son unknowingly reminded me something I forgot growing up. We need to show compassion. We should consider everyone equal. We should look into the souls of each living being and not how its physical features describe it.

May be we are born with as much passion and humanity to recognize the importance of every living being around us. Just like my son has it in him now. We grow up, read, educate ourselves, think we are knowledgeable; but what we lose in the process sometimes is the ability to look inside everyone to recognize the soul. We gradually lose our compassion for animals, birds, and other fellow humans.

We may not have a choice about where, how and in what form we are born, but we do have a choice to be  human and let the qualities we were born with remain inside us making us value every life and every soul.

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