A Little More is Always a Little Less!!!

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I sit on the sofa of our furnished house (we don’t own the furniture) and wish “I will buy the softest sofa when we get our own home, this is not so good.” When I watch the refrigerator ads in the TV, I think, may be we will get a bigger refrigerator the next time!

Most of us have a smart phone(may be two!!), a tab, a laptop, a desktop,etc, whatever more you can guess. But when the next new phone ad displays on the TV, our mission is to get that one (old technology is too obsolete now!).

We throw a big party on our kids birthday or may be on our own birthday and get lots of gifts. We are ecstatic at the success of the party (and also because of the huge pile of gifts we can’t wait to explore).

We buy clothes, shoes and jewellery (sometimes artificial ones) and watches even if our wardrobe is full. Then, we buy a new wardrobe unit, or even better, now we can buy extra shelves and increase our wardrobe size to fit in all our lavish purchases.

Everything we buy, receive as gifts or build for ourselves gives us great pleasure. but the pleasure is short-lived. New things get old soon and the fun is all gone. We again want something new to give us that pleasure, make us happy.

Is it that what we at looking for? We become more and more materialistic these days and forget the importance of ourselves. We are becoming slaves to technology. We find a text from a friend  more important than the conversation of a person sitting next to us!

The jokes about us and our obsessive use of the social media seems to be funny. But actually it is rather sad and shocking to realise the truth  viewing the joke about  couples, friends and siblings texting and wishing each other on important occasions through social networking. Priority lies (and we are very happy) in getting hundreds of birthday wishes or so and likes and comments on our page.

I agree it is a good way to keep in touch with the people who are far away from us and it is not practically possible to meet up that often. But the extent of technology is that we don’t bother going and wishing someone only a few blocks away! We would rather text him! That is the truth of today and it is absolutely shocking.

We constantly look for happiness through technology, social sites, shopping and whatever material things we can accumulate. We forget that we can be content with the minimal and don’t need many of the things we possess.

We can live without an internet connection for a day or two and without ten different varieties of shoes or dresses to choose from. We can also live without the mobile phone that we always wanted to have. But we cannot live without a friend to talk to or a family to care for us.

Small and simple things in life give us more intense pleasure than the most expensive gadget or gift. The memory of your mother’s hug is more refreshing than any new phone or gadget. The first kiss is what has left more of an imprint on your mind than your first car! The first time your child calls you mummy or daddy is more rewarding than any fancy designer watches,bags or even jewellery that you own.

These are some of those irreplaceable things in life which stays forever imprinted on our mind and the memory of which brings us a smile. If we are content with what we presently have without wishing for a better car, a better sofa, a better house, a better laptop (and the list can go on), we will find happiness everyday and our life will be more fulfilling.

Happy Living!!!

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