Common Health Issues

Everyone falls ill and becomes sick numerous times in an entire lifetime. To be precise, we get sick at least once a year. For those having a weaker body and immune system, this is a more common occurrence (including myself!).

But a lot of these disorders stem from our unhealthy lifestyles. I would agree that seasonal diseases are there which cannot be totally avoided but for the most part we can prevent some (or may be most ) of the diseases if we are a little more mindful.

So, I told that you can prevent these health issues, but what are those conditions I am talking about? You come across many people with health problems daily and I won’t be wrong when I tell you that you meet at least one person with a health issue in a day. Are you also in the list of those people?

Let us find out some of the common health issues that we find in the people surrounding us and learn how to help them.

  1. Stress:

    Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici]

    Stress is not at all a negative term as commonly perceived… It is actually a mechanism by which your body deals with a changing situation. Our body is made such that it reacts differently to different situations that being love, pain, anger and happiness.

When your environment or your body undergoes any changes that might affect you, it gets stressed. Stress can help you deal with situations and be ready to face any upcoming hardships.

But when you are under constant stress and don’t get any kind of relief, then it has a negative impact on your body.

Stress can make you more susceptible to diseases and health complications such as flu, cold, even hypertension and diabetes.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression which affects your mental health.

  1. Anxiety:

    Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles]

    Like stress, anxiety is also a normal bodily response that everyone experiences sometime. You feel nervous and anxious when you are about to take a test, or when you are in the midst of deciding something very important for your life. 

But that feeling goes away in sometime when you are all done with the current situation. On the other hand, people suffering from anxiety disorders live in constant stress and fear. It is just like you are about to sit in an exam hall all the time in your life. That nervousness doesn’t go away!

  1. Hypertension:
    Image courtesy of [Ambro]  at

    Image courtesy of [Ambro]

 It is a condition in which people have higher than normal blood pressure. This has become a common condition nowadays. Blame the stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle that people are now embracing, this disease is now found in younger people as well.

Hypertension can lead to other diseases like heart diseases, stroke, chronic kidney problems, diabetes, etc.

  1. Diabetes:

    Image courtesy of [David Castillo Dominici]

This is yet again another medical condition that is on the rise. Diabetes or high blood sugar, as you might have commonly heard about it, is a condition in which your blood sugar level rises because your body is not able to utilise the sugar as effectively. This happens because of either defects in insulin (the hormone that helps glucose enter the cells) production, or its action or sometimes both.

Diabetes has increasingly spread around the globe due to the unhealthy lifestyle and bad food choices we make. A diet high in carbohydrate and sugar might lead to this condition.

Again this condition can be controlled by medications, lifestyle and diet modifications.

  1. Obesity:

    Image courtesy of [Akarakingdoms]

This is something that we come across daily. Many people want to lose weight because they are obese or overweight and there are numerous articles and ideas and even books written about it.

But did you ponder over the fact that none of these expensive solutions are required if you make small but effective changes in your life.

If you did not take matter into your hands in the right time and now you are overweight, you might know that it can lead to several diseases that might affect your health ( other than being commented upon about your weight which might lead to issues with you mental health).

Obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems, heart problems, high cholesterol levels and many more serious health issues.

  1. Thyroid disorders:

Two types of thyroid disorders are commonly seen; hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid gland secretes hormones that regulate your body’s metabolism and growth.

If there is too much of the hormone (hyperthyroidism), then the metabolism increases making you nervous, hyperactive and also resulting in weight loss.

If the hormone production is low (hypothyroidism), then your metabolism lowers making you easily tired, depressed and gain weight.

Other thyroid related diseases are goiter, thyroiditis, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

  1. Sleep disorders:
    Sleep Disorders

    Image courtesy of [jesadaphorn]

Yes, sleep disorder is actually a medical condition (even if you might have waved it off as nothing most of the times!).

Many people suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep apnea and even snoring (and you thought it was only your husband who was snoring and making your goodnight’s sleep run for the bushes!)

And good news is that you can get help for these problems. You can even help yourself by following some techniques without going to a doctor. But if that doesn’t help, you must visit a specialist.

The above list is just a general outline of the common health issues that you might encounter or your loved ones might be dealing with. Or this might just get your attention to what you are heading towards with the unhealthy lifestyle you are following.

I will discuss these issues and their symptoms as well as how you can get help or how you can avoid these issues altogether in the subsequent posts.

But you can change your life now by incorporating healthier options into your lifestyle. Be wise and choose the right way of life now or you might end up with any of these health issues later.

You might not be able to escape every health issue (but of course there are doctors to help you in those cases), but you can approach a healthy living and avoid many of these diseases. As it is rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”.




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