Visit to the Hospital

The last few days have been difficult for me with my little boy being sick and me nursing a bad headache and nausea. And on the top of it, my assignment submission deadline (for the course I have taken up) had been looming over my head like a sword!

I am having headaches since many months now and I was trying to manage it on my own with over the counter medicines. But recently the frequency of the headaches have increased. It it sometimes dull and  sometimes such that I am unable to do any work.
So, I headed to the hospital after repeated prodding of my big brother and sister-in-law (both of them are doctors, so you can imagine the pressure !!). The doctor told me that most probably it is a migraine but advised few X-rays to rule out other problems.
And then my trips to the hospitals and the various departments starts. And not to forget the waiting!! Aarrggghhh…that’s the worst part..waiting and anticipating what the doctor might diagnose is daunting…and alone surrounded by strangers who are sick on various levels…I can only wish my number comes soon and the doctor tells me something less scary!

The reports turn out normal and it seems I just have a bad migraine and nothing more! Again my trips to the hospital continues with my kid. It seemed like the visits to the hospital wont stop any day. But finally now that everything and everyone is better and healthier I can be relaxed once more.

Happiness is when you get back to your normal life after a difficult period of time. The same old routine and struggles and the stuff that seemed mundane a few days before now seems like a blessing. The period when things at home were troublesome, I could hear myself praying to get back to the everyday that was boring and repetitive.

At difficult times you actually get to ponder over the things in life which are usually insignificant, but actually hold the treasure of happiness.The daily mundane activities  are actually a gift from God and we only realise it when we are no longer doing it. God has a way of showing us, making us realise of what good things we have and we must thank him for the same.

Even if it is a cup of coffee, there is a difference when we have it at the cosy confines of our home with a book in hand or watching the television rather than when we are tired and waiting in the hospital with a cup of coffee in our hands, praying that all should go well.

I am happy, back at my desk, sipping a cup of tea, writing down my experience. What more can I ask for!

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