Evolution of the Mind

Amongst all the subjects in school I loved biology the most and eventually ended up being  a biology teacher. Evolution is one of the topics that arose maximum curiosity in me (and still does!). From animals to man, we have evolved. According to scientists we still are evolving.

Now I brought up this topic suddenly after so many years after finishing my school because that thought just popped in my mind while trying to kill a rat! Yes, you heard that right!

Recently we moved home and had to do a lot of packing and unpacking. Prior to this home we were in a small place that was temporary and all our stuff was wrapped up and dumped in the corridor. And that was for a long time. Say almost a year or maybe more.

While doing this tedious job of going through all our stuff, we came across rats. A family of rats to be precise. In order to save ourselves we were trying to terminate them and that was not at all easy.

The rats were fast and good at hiding. Add in the fact that I am very scared of them and am somewhat soft-hearted- all in all, not someone who could even kill an ant! So, that job had to be done by my brave husband and even he wasn’t happy about killing a living being.

But then my mind started to work….Humans were hunting to eat and survive in the pre-historic times. We fought wars to conquer lands and killed each other. Gradually with time, we learnt to stay in peace and grow food and the occurrence of war decreased.

Even though now there are countries where war is waging and people who might kill each other, but that is in small numbers and people are trying to end those wars. The greater mass of people know the value of peace and happiness. We are not violent at all times and most of the people (like me) would find it difficult to take away a life (say rat!).

I say we have evolved. We have learnt to stay in peace, not kill an innocent, and be more like what He is- forgiving, compassionate, kind, non-violent.

You might think, the other day I was screaming at my kid, that was not non-violent! (But we can ignore that, isn’t it? I was just trying to teach him something good.)

In whichever way or by whatever name or form we worship the almighty, we look upon him as an epitome of goodness. Kindness, justice, compassion, tolerance are all of his virtues.

We always try to teach our kids and ourselves these qualities. So, now that we are inculcating those values in us, I say we are evolving. We are on a path of evolution of the mind. Bodily evolution may come slower, but what we should know is that we are evolving to be more close  to Him ….more like Him.

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6 thoughts on “Evolution of the Mind

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I hope we are indeed evolving. When I see what goes on in the world, I sometimes worry we’re sliding backward. But then I remember that the good things people do don’t make the news as often as the bad stuff does. I still like to think the good far outnumbers the bad.

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    • SuHere4u says:

      Yes, it is a sad fact that the good things don’t get seen as often as the bad ones do. Everyday in the news channels and the newspapers we can find endless stuff that are bad. But we can always find the good stuff that is around us and believe that good things do happen and that the goodness inside us will be enough to outnumber all the bad stuff.

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