You and Me

You and Me

You … you are the one for me.  Before we met, I was a different person.  As we bonded, we grew together. You became a little bit of me and I, a little bit of you.

Each of us is different in every way, yet, we choose to take a step towards each other and be similar. We create a space where we both can stay together and happy with each other.

We loved each other, married and built a family. We got a beautiful gift, our little boy, in whom I can see bits of you and bits of me. He is what our love is all about.

It is not as easy as it seems on the outside- two people in love, building a small world together. Ups and downs are what make the memories worth reliving. We argue, we fight and we have difference of opinion. But we are not enemies; we sacrifice a bit of ourselves to make the other happy, not dwell in the differences forever.

What makes us live and dream of the future is the trust that we have in each other that no matter what, you will be by my side everytime.

Even if there is a frowny face on the outside, we know that the other always wishes the best and loves the most and that little anger is soon to melt away.

And then there are the good times we share with each other, which we cherish forever. Not gifts, not flowers, not chocolates or the world, what brings the greatest joy is the holding of hands and snuggling up late.

You are the person who has let me be free, let me grow and let me be. You don’t hold down my wings, but spread them far and wide and assure to be beneath if I ever fall down. I am a different person now that I have been with you for so long. Yet I am going to grow as I know we have a long journey together.

You are the pride that I will always carry, because of the person you are and the work you do. Future will take us to a different path where we will see a new world. But be certain that I will stay close and be by your side because even then you will keep up my pride.

How far have we come together! And yes, we still have a lot to see with each other. There might be sometime when the ride is tough, but just hold on, we have a great one ahead.

You are my best friend and my soul mate.

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