Walk Your Way to a Good Health



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Walking is the easiest, safest and the best way to keep you in good health. Man has been designed to walk and run on two feet. While the need to walk for reaching our destination has been reduced due to the discovery of fuel and the invention of vehicles, but walking has been considered a good way to keep a person fit by incorporating it everyday in our lives.

The “How(s)” and “Why(s)” of walking

Walk anywhere and anytime:


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You have the liberty to incorporate this form of exercise anywhere and at anytime in your day. You can walk early in the morning and find yourself refreshed and energized for the whole day. Walking in the evenings after a whole day at the office can let you de-stress and relax and give your mind a break. Even if you can’t spare as much time everyday, you can just walk down the block to grab your lunch in the afternoon or walk around the office and give your legs some exercise whenever you have some free time.

Walk listening to your favorite tunes:


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You had a day packed with meetings or organizing everything at the office or at home? You are overwhelmed and need a break? You can do a quick refresh of your mind by putting on your earphones and walking away to your favorite music. May be the beginning of your day needs some soothing music? You can benefit by combining it with a walk.

You don’t need any special gears to walk:


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You need a pair of shoes and a comfortable outfit and maybe a pair of earphones. You are ready to go for your fitness routine. You don’t need any expensive gear or a gym membership to stay fit this way.

Walk to form a habit:


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Don’t just do it for a day or two, you need to be consistent in order to reap the benefits of walking. Walk everyday or atleast for 6 days a week for thirty minutes to an hour. You can form a habit of it if you motivate yourself enough to do it for atleast 15 days without any discontinuation. But don’t get discouraged or stop if you miss a day. Motivate yourself to go for a walk the next day, afterall, it is a pleasant experience and not a job you need to do.

Set goals and Reward yourself:


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Set small and achievable goals for your daily walking regime and you can see yourself reaching them in no time. You will feel better about yourself and see yourself getting fitter everyday. Don’t forget to reward yourself at each accomplishment. Small gifts like a new dress or your favourite food could make you more enthusiastic towards your daily walking regimen.

Be a healthier version of you by Walking:


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Walking makes you a healthy person overall. You can’t have enough of the benefits of walking. Walking reduces high blood pressure, diabetes and also alleviates joint pain (when done in moderation and as advised by the doctor) as well as works as an excellent form of exercise to manage weight.  Also you get a good dose of vitamin D while you take a walk outside.

Encourage others to walk:


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When you keep up the good habit of walking everyday, do encourage others, which include your friends and family to do the same. Walking in pairs or groups can encourage each one to get out and take a walk when another doesn’t feel like putting the feet out. And when you walk with your family, you get to spend some quality time with them alongside getting the benefits of good health.

Now that you have a fairly good idea about all the benefits of walking, why not just grab your shoes and go for it now!








9 thoughts on “Walk Your Way to a Good Health

  1. chamandeep singh says:

    Great way of encouraging. And yes walking has no boundaries and is always effective. . .thank u for sharing the thought and making people realise that how easy it is to walk and give some bit of the time to oneself.

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