Its Never Too Late


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Childhood is something amazing. You are free. Free to imagine, be what you want and wish for the sky. Nothing holds you back. Our mind is a curious being. It has a life of its own. It is keen to learn new things and explore new horizons.

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Did you ever realize that we let our mind grow old faster than it actually should? Do you still have the same curiosity about everything that you had as a child? Mostly not. We have a set of rules, beliefs and logic on which we base our lives on. And as they take precedence over the natural way our mind behaves, it ages faster. We stop the creativity and the curiosity at a very early age just to be in the race to win.

It is true that we have to run in the race and try to have a good life like everybody else. But what then? Will it ever end? Are you going to let your mind, its creativity, its natural desire to surface ever?

I was a very shy child, an introvert. It was difficult to express myself even infront of my parents and friends. But my mind wasn’t an introvert. It wanted to do things, to learn new things, to explore!

I used to sing (quite well actually) and had even reluctantly joined music classes (on my parent’s insistence. They could see the talent). But I sang well when no one was around (and in the bathroom). My voice would choke up the moment someone asked me to sing. I never pursued it.On the contrary, I was fascinated by the violin and the piano. But I never got a chance to learn.

My father used to gift me a diary every year. I wrote poems and other stuff filling diaries when I was a kid. But that’s it. I didn’t pursue writing either.

Coming back to the present, I have started writing (something I love to do) and am hoping to learn the piano soon. I know that i will do it. I will find time for it.

Life is a journey and we can do so many things here. It just doesn’t stop with school or college or even after securing the best job. You still can do a lot many things. May be you wanted to learn something or see some place or some desire that you kept putting back in the list of priorities.

Get that camera you always wanted and try your hands on photography  or maybe you wanted to take some dance classes. Is it wildlife that you are interested in or was it skiing that you always wanted to do? Now is the time to start doing it. Not tomorrow, not next year, it is here and now.

Let us visit our childhood again. Let our minds roam free. What is it that you wanted the most? God has given you a gift and will provide you with opportunity time and again. You have to find it and pursue what you always wanted to do.

Enriching our lives with new experiences is what we need to do. Let not the monotony of everyday prevent your curious mind from taking wings. Fly, you will reach. Seek, and you will find. Afterall, present is a gift from God and you are here to be surprised!

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