Oh Ignorant Child

Today is Navy Day. While I am proud of our country’s defence forces and the men and women serving them, I read the comments of a post today where a few people wrote such things about the Navy that really saddened me. I salute you people for what you do and this is my contribution, a little poem in your honour.

Oh Ignorant Child

Proud I am, and you are not,

Brave I am and you may not.

You can be that, which I ever won’t,

You can hate but I can do that not.

U can leave but I Stand still

to protect the country on my own will.

You dishonour, you disrespect,

but an ignorant child you are I suspect!

It’s alright you know, I don’t mind,

no words, no offence can put me behind,

Because for me duty comes first,

I put myself at the last.

I swore that I will protect you always,

even if you are the ill-tempered case!

You know a parent won’t ever abandon,

the child you are, I will always pardon.

I stand infront of you guarding,

the enemies who threaten, I will be discarding.

Fear not my child, but do understand,

I will protect you, take you to safety, hold your hand.

The pain is all I don’t want to feel,

when you sometimes despise me at will.

I will be there I will be there,

don’t worry my child, for your protection for your care.

All I ask is not money not fame,

for me it will only be a fair game,

When you give me something I ask you for today

Only Respect, if you may!


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4 thoughts on “Oh Ignorant Child

    • Suchi says:

      Thank you…That was something I wrote after reading some negative comments about our Defence Forces.People are quick to comment and criticize. We should respect people who are willing to protect us.
      Thanks for the like!

      Liked by 1 person

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