Body and Mind

The Body-Mind Connection

The fear of being alone, being left out, missing out on stuff and updates about life of everyone around us has made us addicted to virtual people.  So much that we don't give real people precedence over the lives and pictures of virtual people.

Organize Your Life

To Write or Not To Write

I have been burying myself in my course books recently (since almost a month to be precise) desperately feeding my brain with information, and that means lots of information, so that I could at least be certain that I pass my exams (even if not with flying colors! That's not required...) I just want my … Continue reading To Write or Not To Write

Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life, Be More Productive

Remember the days at school when we had our life organised into schedules by our teachers and parents. We had a fixed time for everything- time for play, time to sit and study, time to watch TV and the list goes on. We used to think that what fun is the life of an adult … Continue reading Organize Your Life, Be More Productive

Its Never Too Late

Follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest.

You and Me

You and Me

You ... you are the one for me.  Before we met, I was a different person.  As we bonded, we grew together. You became a little bit of me and I, a little bit of you. Each of us is different in every way, yet, we choose to take a step towards each other and … Continue reading You and Me