Mother’s Love and Chicken Pox

It has been a long time since I paid some attention to this blog. Most of my attention has gone into my other blog Mama's Cuppa as well as other writing assignments. And well, also  all the other stuff required to manage a house and a kid. This blog is where I write down whatever thought … Continue reading Mother’s Love and Chicken Pox


Its Never Too Late

Follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest.

Walk Your Way to a Good Health

Walking is a mild yet effective form of exercise.

Your Dose of Mom-“Me” Time

My preschooler is off to his play-school. I have three hours of peace and quiet. Only a mom of a toddler/preschooler can understand the importance of the “3- divine quiet hours”!! I don’t want to move or go out of the house in these few hours. After all, the rest of the day is total … Continue reading Your Dose of Mom-“Me” Time