Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life, Be More Productive

Remember the days at school when we had our life organised into schedules by our teachers and parents. We had a fixed time for everything- time for play, time to sit and study, time to watch TV and the list goes on. We used to think that what fun is the life of an adult … Continue reading Organize Your Life, Be More Productive


Oh Ignorant Child

Today is Navy Day. While I am proud of our country’s defence forces and the men and women serving them, I read the comments of a post today where a few people wrote such things about the Navy that really saddened me. I salute you people for what you do and this is my contribution, a little poem in your honor.

Its Never Too Late

Follow your dreams, live your life to the fullest.

Walk Your Way to a Good Health

Walking is a mild yet effective form of exercise.

You and Me

You and Me

You ... you are the one for me.  Before we met, I was a different person.  As we bonded, we grew together. You became a little bit of me and I, a little bit of you. Each of us is different in every way, yet, we choose to take a step towards each other and … Continue reading You and Me