Body and Mind

The Body-Mind Connection

The fear of being alone, being left out, missing out on stuff and updates about life of everyone around us has made us addicted to virtual people.  So much that we don't give real people precedence over the lives and pictures of virtual people.


Walk Your Way to a Good Health

Walking is a mild yet effective form of exercise.

Visit to the Hospital

The last few days have been difficult for me with my little boy being sick and me nursing a bad headache and nausea. And on the top of it, my assignment submission deadline (for the course I have taken up) had been looming over my head like a sword! I am having headaches since many months … Continue reading Visit to the Hospital

Sleep Like a Baby

I am a sound sleeper and it has changed somewhat now after my first child. Not a sound in the world could wake me up from my sleep earlier. Now, I wake up at the slightest movement of my kid. My sleep patterns have changed drastically and I am happy to get a full night’s … Continue reading Sleep Like a Baby

Common Health Issues

Everyone falls ill and becomes sick numerous times in an entire lifetime. To be precise, we get sick at least once a year. For those having a weaker body and immune system, this is a more common occurrence (including myself!). But a lot of these disorders stem from our unhealthy lifestyles. I would agree that … Continue reading Common Health Issues